Complementing Google My Business listing of clients with their business listing on your website

A business listed on Google My Business appears on Google Maps search in addition to organic Google Search as part of Google+ web page. Only businesses placed on Google My Business appear on Google Map search giving this listing a unique status. On Google Search, businesses listed on Google My Business compete with other websites like So, it is suggested that you get the business of your clients listed on Google My Business which is free after taking approval from them if not yet listed. Within 15 to 20 days, your client receives a post card in their business address with a 5 digit identification pin entering which the business listing should get live. In some cases, verification over phone is allowed. There is a quality check by editors at Google. So, guidelines by Google should be adhered to.

As part of adding value to your advertisers/clients, you can complement their Google My Business (earlier Google Places) listing with a business directory listing on your website. You can make business directory listing on your website free/paid or part of the complete package. If you are in-charge of maintaining Google My Business listing of your client and your client does not have a personal website, you can include URL of the business directory listing posted on your website while filling up the website option. Your website should record more visitors as each directory listing page of the advertiser/client acts as their home page. You can treat this as an opportunity to provide value-added services by adding extensions like contact form here. Once visitors fill them, client receives an email/SMS notification so that they can follow up with the leads. Visitors do not have the facility to send direct message from Google My Business listing as of now and even free website option that is now provided with Google My Business does not have a contact form button. So, it serves clients if instead of opting free websites for them, you make your business directory listing as the home page of their business.

Depending upon the level of involvement with the client, you can place your own email/phone no. for receiving notification, both yours and client’s nos., or exclusively of client. The client should be made aware of the status. User name and password for maintaining Google My Business listing should always be forwarded to the client. The client should be made aware that you are managing this listing on their behalf.

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