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Difference between affiliate program and agency partner program as per WP Engine

The Affiliate Program works with individuals/companies who produce/publish content and recommend WP Engine to their visitors/audience but are normally unaware of who signed up. It’s a passive relationship and tends to be more transactional and commissions driven. Examples include: publishers/bloggers, course providers, theme creators, plugin developers, podcasts and vloggers. Affiliates refer WP Engine through ShareASale.com.   The commission structure is $200 or the first month payment whichever is higher with no recurring revenue after that. You can also earn $50 per customer your sub-affiliates refer.

The APP works with ‘Agencies’ who are solution providers that deliver services to a third party via the WP Engine platform. These services normally include web development, digital marketing, SEO services, design, e-commerce, consultancy etc. When this work is complete, they either refer WP Engine, directly to that client, via word-of-mouth, email or transfer a site from their own WP Engine account. Designers and developers also follow under this classification. Agency partners refer WP Engine through https://partners.wpengine.com. Agencies are paid an 8% percentage of commission based off of the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) WP Engine receives for the first 12-months a referred account is confirmed in our accounting system.
These two programs are mutually exclusive so by becoming an agency partner you are opting-out of being an affiliate partner.
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