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Discerning when to use distraction-free, conversational mode through WPForms

WPFormsFor creating landing pages that have an element of form, consider Conversational Forms Addon with WPForms. This feature in one way is an extension of another of recently added addon Form Pages that supports distraction-free mode (referĀ Being Online: Things That Can Go Wrong Because Of Too Many Options And A Balance Between Multitasking And Distraction-Free Mode).

While Form Pages Addon as part of distraction-free mode opens up only the form under reference bypassing headers, footers, sidebars that comes with the installed WordPress theme, Conversational Forms too has the same characteristics, but it shows fields one by one with the very first field that is needed to be filled highlighted prominently. So, Conversational Forms Addon already comes with the characteristics of Form Pages Addon, and, as the name suggests, while filling the form, the user feels like he or she is in conversation with someone placing questions one by one for answers. So, no need to activate Forms Addon if Conversational Forms Addon activated (it is actually not supported and you get an error message if you do so).


Newly introduced Conversational Forms Addon with WPForms.

Both Form Pages and Conversational Forms Addon generate two urls for the same form. For instance, take the Survey Form implemented for our group website www.digitalsplendid.agency. We thought it would be better to publish the Survey Form the usual WPForms way through the short code while placing the Survey Form in the primary menu. We still want users to view other aspects of the website, the theme, header, footer, sidebar in this context.

Survey Form displayed through the usual short code as despite Conversational Form Addon enabled in the backend, the specific Permalink for Conversational Form Addon not used.

However, we find Conversational Forms compelling in contexts say when someone over the email has requested to apply for our services. For this, a different url or Permalink is created which can be shared with the desired entities.

Conversational Form view with Permalink. In the screenshot, Name is displayed prominently awaiting user response while other fields (Business/Organization, Email…) are visible but subdued.

In other words, you get two url links for each WPForms that has Form Pages/Conversational Forms Addon enabled.

The good thing is that other fields too are visible, albeit not prominently so that you can gauge what you have filled and what you are expected to fill together with a Progress Bar that you set exercising percentage/proportion option.

This is important as it may be that what you have filled earlier may provide you a background for your subsequent field submissions. Also, it is easier to correct mistakes, edit in case of any typographical or factual errors. So, when we way conversational forms (using WPForms) show fields one by one, it does not mean that only one field is visible. Other fields too are visible, but in a light, subdued manner.

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