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Ads in offline media for generating leads from first-time online customers

For selling computer software and web-based products to first-time customers, an effective place to advertise is traditional offline print media like local newspapers. This is because those who are computer savvy by this time would already have computerized their systems, built the online presence.

In India, there are tens and thousands of retail shops yet to be computerized. Suppose, you are selling an accounting software to retail shops. Your target customer could be a local laundry shop whose proprietor is not comfortable using computers. Employees here might never have used accounting software before. So, in order to encourage them to implement your accounting software, it makes sense to build lead from offline channels because they will never get to know about your services from online sources in the first place and yet are your most valuable prospects.

Your target customers need to computerize their system badly yet do not have access to the right source. They seldom login to World Wide Web. You need to convince them from scratch how the implementation of computer software would enhance their productivity. In the process, you may get an order of sale of new desktops and operating systems and be asked to train manpower.

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