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AdWords or organic search engine optimization and a problem with sponsored content

It is easier for an online publisher to rank high on organic search results of Google (or any other search engine like YahooBing) because of the volume of content generated being in the business of online publishing. Google loves fresh content, and the website should rank high in a large set of keywords.

On the contrary, if say you operate a real estate portal that connects buyers and sellers, your strength is portal technologies. While you may also maintain a blog section plus generate additional contents with the likes of press releases, visitors’ comments, still they do not form the core area of your expertise. To maintain a whole group of content writers and SEO experts may not be viable under constraints of money. Also, getting rank on top pages of organic search results takes time which may be weeks and months. So, it makes sense then to spend on paid ad campaigns like Google AdWords for generating leads and sales.

Many owners prefer to keep their websites brief. In such scenario, contents posted can be limited. Google AdWords in one way is the solution for keeping one’s website neat and clean by not investing in producing junk contents, needless SEO, and just focus on core area.

Now a quick word on the sponsored contents. It is regarding articles and news stories that you prepare in-house as part of your blog section. However, by paying a certain ad fee to Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, your contents appear together with organic contents that qualify on the basis of keywords or other organic parameters but with an exception that your content is marked ‘sponsored content’ so that audience is not kept in the dark. The problem with the sponsored content is that they tend to give a sense of being highlighted on the strength of money instead of merit.

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