Affiliate marketing programs tilted towards display ads and how SendinBlue affiliate program stands out as a multi-level marketing opportunity

While terms and conditions of each affiliate program may vary from advertiser to advertiser, one feature common to many is that you display ads on your blog/website/social media account but not allowed to push sales one-on-one through these ads as in the case of Amazon. Suppose you own a website If your friend intends to purchase a product from, you cannot invite him to your home, open your website, click Amazon ad placed there before the friend start placing order on. Amazon had a referral program for the same which is now discontinued.

As per Amazon’s Associates Program Participation RequirementsYou will not purchase any Product(s) through Special Links for use by you or for resale or commercial use of any kind. Similarly, you will not request or encourage any of your friends, relatives, or associates to purchase any Product(s) through Special Links for use by you or them or for resale or commercial use of any kind. Further, you will not offer any Products on your site for resale or commercial use of any kind.

If Amazon comes to know that it is through your IP address purchase made (which can happen if say you operate an Internet Cafe), they will not allow incentive. In other words, you are not allowed direct selling. This restricts the scope.

As per GoDaddy affiliate program on CJ, “Just place one of our banners or links where your visitors, customers, and friends will see it and you’ll earn cash on every qualifying sale made through your ads”. However, as per their terms, “You are not eligible for commissions on purchases made by you, your employees, agents, representatives, or contractors.” They have a different referral program for the same. This can be confusing as at times there may be a thin line of difference between so-called customers and friends on the one side and employees, agents, representatives or contractors on the other. Also,, the affiliate network that manages GoDaddy affiliate program, stresses “the important part is to not run GoDaddy activity through the same computer or computers that you use,” which may further complicate a situation.

Suppose I introduce Amazon Associates (affiliate program by Amazon) to one of my clients. There is no way to earn through this move. Now, welcome to the world of multi-level affiliate marketing (MLM) , also called multi-tier affiliate marketing, sub-affiliates or network marketing where affiliates are incentivized to recruit new affiliates. According to SendinBlue,”The typical incentive is a percentage of the commissions that each newly recruited affiliate earns down the line. This can go on for a certain number of ‘levels’. The resulting structure looks like a pyramid, also called ‘downline’.” SendinBlue believes that multi-level marketing can be an extremely powerful catalyst for any affiliate program. If you would like to start using multi-level marketing for your Tapfiliate programs, they have a very simple set-up guide for you.

Usually, there are no costs associated with joining an affiliate program, but again, it all depends on the terms set by advertisers. Take the case of edX affiliate where there is a $5 activation fee associated with registering for an Affiliate Window account which is refunded in the first payment.

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