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Datanyze for technology tracking while analyzing WPForms

While doing a study regarding WPForms vis-a-vis its competitors, we came across Datanyze, which according to an expert at Quora, ‘specializes in Technology Tracking, in which you can build lead lists for prospects that use specific technology tools like CRM’s or Analytics tools.’   As confirmed by another expert on Quora in a different thread, […]

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Difference between affiliate program and agency partner program as per WP Engine

The Affiliate Program works with individuals/companies who produce/publish content and recommend WP Engine to their visitors/audience but are normally unaware of who signed up. It’s a passive relationship and tends to be more transactional and commissions driven. Examples include: publishers/bloggers, course providers, theme creators, plugin developers, podcasts and vloggers. Affiliates refer WP Engine through ShareASale.com.  […]

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Turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video

Sponsored Post by TechSmith Did you know you already have everything you need to make an awesome video? It’s true. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to creating a video is just getting started. That’s why TechSmith Camtasia makes it simple to turn PowerPoint presentations into videos. We want to help you break though your initial barriers […]

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College admissions essay secrets: Top 10 essay writing tips

Sponsored Content  1. Don’t Thesaurusize Your Essay. Do Use Your Own Voice. Admissions officers can tell Roget from an 18-year-old high school senior. Big words, especially when misused, detract from the essay, inappropriately drawing the reader’s attention and making the essay sound contrived. Before: Although I did a plethora of activities in high school, my assiduous […]