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The role of Income Tax Department of India and how effectively it played its role during and after demonetization

Direct taxes are computed directly on the income of a person, rates depending on the level of income. These include income tax, real property tax, personal property tax, taxes on assets. It’s charged to individuals, co-operative societies, firms, companies, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), trusts and any artificial judicial person. The Income Tax Department or IT […]

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Professional courses to look for while making a successful career in accounting in India

Unlike other fields like software development where your work speaks, it is not possible to enter into the domain of certain types of accounting without a professional degree. The three most popular professional degrees in India are CA or Chartered Accountancy (by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), ICMA or The Cost and Management Accountancy (by the Institute of […]

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Direct plan in mutual fund: Time for distributors to adapt by leveraging content sharing and adding new services

Direct plan in mutual fund means investors can directly invest in mutual fund schemes without involving distributors or mutual fund brokers through AMC website. Because of no distribution fees or trail fees paid to mutual fund brokers for such mutual fund schemes, expense ratio would be lower as compared to regular plans (investing through distributors/mutual fund brokers) thereby […]

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Relevance of face-to-face marketing for life insurance agents in India

Like many other businesses before the advent of the internet, face-to-face contact was considered essential in selling a product and insurance is no exception with agents bringing a bulk of business for an insurance company. Now, at a time when direct sale of insurance policies by visiting the website of an insurance company or use of comparison websites is picking […]

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4 things to define in project report when it comes to value creation and how online marketplaces like Amazon fare

When starting a new business, a project report (also called business plan) that analyses among other things prevailing market condition, investments required in short-term and long-term, and anticipated risks is crucial. Here are the four things to define while preparing project report for your business when it comes to value creation: What value your business intends to provide. To whom your […]

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Term plan versus pure endowment plan and insurance-cum-investment products in between

Life insurance products are designed for lifestyle protection, children and retirement fund planning, while income tax rebate induces individuals to buy insurance policies. From an operations research (OR) perspective, there is a given insurance cover for which tax savings, sum assured (survival benefit or death benefit), return on investment is maximized given your age, current […]

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Dividend play and how investing in bank stocks and public sector units different from the rest?

The business of banking falls under priority services and all banks whether public or private in India need to comply with stringent guidelines by the RBI. While NPAs (nonperforming assets) are part of their businesses, there is a limit set by RBI as part of good governance. New banks are allowed to float only after they demonstrate they […]