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Outsourcing strategies for contents on your website

website content writer writes contents for websites while assisting in on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO). He or she specializes in writing standard web  pages like About Us, Our Services while filling meta tag (meta descriptions, meta keywords) as part of on-page optimization. He or she also submits your business/website details to directories like Google My BusinessLocanto as part of off-page optimization.

There are outsourcing firms in Kolkata that bag order for writing press releases of business houses located in US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand by sheer strength of telemarketing. Writers have no idea what the business stands for and expected to write a number of articles and press releases per month based on keywords, contents already published on the owner’s website. The whole writing in such case becomes a hype bringing a bad name to the profession. A quick way to narrow your hunt for a content writer can be through online marketplaces like, database of writers like on MyBlogU though it is better when content writer hired by you is not just a content writer writing for the sake of writing but performing other roles of your business like of sales manager, trainer.

The job of website administrators, content writers, SEOs, graphic designers is inseparable at times because of practical reasons which content writing service provider integrates. As a content writer, it should not be difficult for me to do a small research regarding keywords while publishing my own articles. I can also post relevant images and videos by myself after editing. This is also convenient as control remains with me instead of someone else doing the same for my articles whose views may not match the substance of my articles.

If yours is a brick and mortar shop and you want to launch a website with description of your business, content writing service provider should do well with expertise in website development, website administration, SEO, and side-by-side using graphics, multimedia fulfiling an important work of producing initial contents which is suffice for tens and thousands of small businesses. Your local nursery now has a website with relevant contents that adhere to SEO which only needs to be appended/revised going forward.

A content writing service provider can specialize in a particular niche like producing articles related with SEO for a blog section. Often, there is no thin line of difference between advertising agenciescontent writing service providers, and ones specialized in one area like a group of veteran CFAs now only preparing educational contents related with finance. A content writing service provider may not deny a proposal to write blog contents for your audit firm which can be better done by a contract to an ex-employee who also writes for financial magazines.

When it comes to the future of content marketing, content for the sake of content will increasingly become unpopular. Content-heavy websites will be avoided because many of them are by content writers who do not have experience first-hand to opine about what they are writing. Suppose I am asked to write an article about entrepreneurship. Am I an entrepreneur? No, I am a content writer. Common sense suggests that I am not the authority in the field. What is still happening (though reduced to an extent because of penalization of websites like Ezine Articles not just by Google search engine but readers as a whole) is there are writers who can write about any subject by doing a small research on world wide web, coining the same idea in different words.

Just like there is a consensus among computer programmers to use the existing library of programs while building new applications (why reinvent the wheel?), so there can be a consensus to go for time-tested, quality contents instead of generating fresh contents (there is a difference between fresh content and fresh news). Check this nursery plantation website. In its blog section, how effective it is to post an already written article Lawn Care Tips than trying to come out with a fresh article which may miss points that the veteran writer in gardening highlights. It appears unfair to go for something of lesser value to the audience when it comes to educating your website visitors just for the reason that Google will give higher priority in its search results if I write and publish a unique, fresh article!

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