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Outsourcing: Where to stop?

Outsourcing is a direct result of the processes of globalization and technological advance, and both the forces are here to stay. With companies going global, corporate houses tend to reduce costs by hiring foreign workers at a lower price than what they would have to shell out for using workers in the West. Advanced technology in the form of internet access has made it easier for companies to hire workers globally. Although there are some workers who are losing out in the bargain, there is no doubt that consumers are benefiting because of the lower costs of production. Anyway, there are bound to be some sections clamoring for more protection. But that does not mean the process of outsourcing can be or should be discontinued.  However, on an individual level, blind outsourcing may lame!

Often, we are told to outsource our customer care, HR, and so on. One may wonder where to stop. Outsourcing is actually not a new concept. It is part of the division of labor and specialization which human civilizations embraced since time immemorial through barter system that involved exchanging one set of goods/services for the other like I exchange my one bag of rice for one bag of wheat since I have only the time and resource to produce rice. The introduction of money only strengthened the concept.

With facilities like easy real-time data transfer, cheap voice technologies, and teleconferencing, outsourcing took specialization one step further. Delegating services like payroll to a firm situated in another part of the planet can give you advantages on vivid parameters like reduced cost, better work because of expertise of distant outsourcing payroll firm. For an individual, it is important though not to be overwhelmed with so many vendors lining up for seeking burden of your work. Outsourcing is not running away from your own part of innovation and hard work. You decide your core area and excel at it. You still should be ready to bear stress that comes with any business.

For instance, as a freelance online content writer willing to establish your own portal, you outsource your website designing part by hiring a website designing agency while continuing to produce original, informative contents yourself. Although you may still learn about the nitty-gritty of web programming given the ease one can pursue online learning today, there is a limitation because of constraints of time, educational background, or personal tastes. It makes sense to opt for paid plugins for your website instead of learning to write the software code yourself even if you are an active software programmer. The bottom line is that you do not outsource your own contents for the website which is your core area (there can be exceptions like your blog/website gaining a lot of traffic and you just want to keep the momentum going without putting your own hours of work).

There is a common sense here. As the owner of a shop, you outsource fooding to a catering agency, hire receptionist… But would you delegate someone to sign your personal check just because you are too busy or want to have more leisure time? The same can be stretched for a society and the nation. Blind outsourcing may lame!

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