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Two ways to approach when it comes to taking a decision if or not to buy a software while putting Google Analytics and MonsterInsights in perspective

There can be two ways to approach when it comes to taking a decision if or not to buy a software. One is to assume that money saved is money earned. To support this claim would be to come with an argument that if I am using an open source CMS say WordPress and being web development my core area, is it not a mark of my incompetency if I am buying plugins every now and then rather than developing myself? I find the argument somewhat fair and unfair at the same time. The way to convince is to realize that for an individual it is just not possible to write all the software codes for an application by oneself given millions of lines of codes that can go into making the same.

While it is desirable to have an understanding of computer programming basics and expertise in a particular niche say WordPress plugin development, it will be not practical if all the WordPress administrators, agencies start spending time on coming out with in-house plugins which will prove their expertise plus save money in the sense they need not buy plugins! This is no brainer as the time spent on developing plugins in-house by employees by itself a cost. The smarter way, it goes without saying, is to allocate a budget for software shopping.

Now, reverting to the start of this article where we mentioned two ways to approach when it comes to taking a decision if or not to buy a software, the second way is to judge if the revenue generated deploying a software outweighs the expense of it. The problem is that since our web development and internet marketing endeavors work together, it is just not possible to come out with an exact figure specifying say out of $100 revenue generated, $30 because of business hosting by GoDaddy, $20 because of WPForms… Armed with an allocated budget, it makes sense to figure out few of the software that need to be purchased and then judge the result by combining the overall expenditure under web development and internet marketing category vis-a-vis revenue generated.

Google Analytics for tracking a website is beset with a steep learning curve. While spending time understanding the workings of Google Analytics should help one access statistics in a superior way, how about a large section of web professionals who just do not have the time or are busy doing something else? One of the solutions is deploying MonsterInsights that crunch the essential statistics in the WordPress dashboard itself. Monster Insights free version is limited in scope giving you this snapshot:


However, in order to access the following features, the paid version is needed:


We believe although spending time learning about the intricacies of Google Analytics is worthwhile and should help come out with unique insight for one’s unique business, yet, another way of accessing concise reporting by MonsterInsights building on Google Analytics data that is easy to use has its own merits and recommended for busy entrepreneurs/internet marketing experts. Following is the MonsterInsights price list of different plans:


We believe that by opting for a paid plan of MonsterInsights, one can scale one’s business faster thereby justifying the price paid. Again, without discouraging those who are ready to learn the intricacies of Google Analytics just like Syed Balkhi, founder of MonsterInsights, did before coming up with MonsterInsights:


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