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Stand-alone website an important component but needs to be aligned with other forms of partnerships/marketing for viable revenue stream

Once you have your website filled with relevant contents/images/videos/extensions/SMO or Social Media Optimization in terms of Facebook profile/Twitter handle, you have a product to start with which you can now monetize. If yours is a content website (online publishing), direct selling or reference could mean visiting personally to raise a subscription for ads. You can raise subscriptions for advertising on your website or align with manufacturers whose products you plan to sell. You can now visit an office, offer them a download of a free software product link of which included on your website, and request them to subscribe to your newsletter in favor. Next, you refer them products that you are entitled to advertise as publisher and earn a commission (with the likes of AmazonCommission Junction) on sales through your newsletter as part of email marketing and personal interaction the next time you have an appointment with.

According to the owner of a content writing service provider from the US with more than 6000 Twitter followers, most of his sales is through personal references (word of mouth); website as a stand-alone entity only amounts to a very small proportion of sales. All being said, you focus initially to build your website. This is not to discourage on your effort. There can be exceptions, and you can take it a challenge to make your website viable economically on a stand-alone basis (starting with Google AdSense). Irrespective of the outcome, next phase of complementing with direct selling/reference or any form of marketing should only be to take the revenue stream to a more positive trajectory.

If yours is an e-commerce portal, you perhaps already have a brick-and-mortar shop through which you have existing customers to grow with. You may now opt for organic SEO or for faster result inorganic SEO (paid programs) in the form of impression/pay-per-click programs like Google AdSense. Starting your affiliate account with well-known brands like Amazon or cj.com as advertiser/seller means you reap the benefit of showcasing your product to a large number of prospects who visit them to compare before purchasing, something your stand-alone website cannot do. Also, one can go for offline ads or direct mail marketing in addition to email marketing.

An option which most bloggers or small website owners exercise is getting associated with relevant communities like MyBlogU (Content Writers), Stack Exchangewhich helps in building leads while being online.

Here is an advice for photographers/creative artists implementing gallery on their websites to sell images: “The thing to remember about this is, the framework is the easy part. A lot of photographers get all caught up believing if they build a cool shopfront, buyers will come. Unfortunately, commercial buyers just aren’t interested in browsing individual photographer collections UNLESS… your work is absolute top quality and unique.

If it’s at all run-of-the-mill, they’d much prefer to use a library where they search 100s of collections at once. Some people do make a go of it obviously, but they usually either stop being photographers and take on a full-time marketing role… or they have the resources to pay someone to do it.

A much simpler option is to create a fantastic personal website to showcase your work, but link that to a proper stock library site, with all the features you want already built in.

That way they do all the tedious marketing plus you get access to their existing client list, so you have a real chance of selling your work regularly… and you get time to keep making great photos.

Something to keep in mind anyway!”

Also, included in widespread practice is providing freelance services through channels like freelancer.comFiverr. These may be considered as part of off-page optimization from SEO perspective. At a time when marketplaces like Flipkart, SnapDeal, Amazon are becoming preferred choice of online buyers to compare products from different producers before buying, even online portals like Chumbak that have a brick-and-mortar offline presence together with state-of-the-art online portals are entering into some form of partnership with these marketplaces.


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