Three reasons to hire a content writer for your small business

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The scope of a content writer in a small business may stretch from writing and editing to strategist and mentor while being cost-effective by performing additional roles. Here are three reasons to hire a content writer for your small business:

1. Accuracy and fresh perspective

Once in payroll, a content writer can go through the format of all the in-house documents including invoices, memos, and welcome letters checking for grammatical and typographical errors. He or she can suggest a fresh copy while coming out with informative articles, press releases, catchy slogans and tags as part of a brand building for the business going forward.

2. Strategist and mentor

When management is open to new learning, the content writer can stretch from just a writer drafting copies to strategist and mentor forwarding relevant articles and researches on World Wide Web to the team while customizing them.

3. Cost-effective

Today’s content writers are a jack of all trades which may sound unprofessional but help a business house in getting so many jobs done in a cost-effective yet professional way. For a small business, content writers may also perform additional duties like developing and administering the website, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hiring a website administrator or SEO in such cases will not only add cost but may bring inefficiency. Imagine what happens if SEO chooses a wrong category or SMO platform for posting an article or worse writes a summary with grammatical errors while filling forms in course of off page optimization!

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